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Basilissa (basilissa) wrote,
@ 2003-04-10 21:00:00
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    Current mood: relieved
    Current music:"drift away" -- dobie grey

    I hate Thursday Nights!!
    ok, so thursday nights SUCK!! as much as i love little kids, you can only take so much ya know? but anyways, tonight was OOC cause this little boy decided to get out of the pool and run around the gym NAKED -- yeah i don't think people were really pleased with that. so anyways, of course the kid was brought back to the nursery..lucky me (not!!) so as i pleaded with this little boy to please get dressed, he proceeded to tell me he HATED me (hahaha!!)

    so what right?! anyways, the night dragged on after 7 o'clock and as always i was stuck there 'til 8 -- punch me in the face 10 times. but eventually with lots of patience the night came to a close, thank the lord. so i rushed home to stuff my face 'cause food just makes me so unbelievably happy (along with my boyfriend - mwa!!)

    so i get home and make myself some ziti & a turkey burger -- yummy in the tummy!! then i got an unexpected visit from my mother..needless to say i was shocked. we chated amongst ourselves for a while then she had to run and meet jim (my mother's boyfriend) -- wow that's so weird to say.

    anyways, now it's 9:10 and i still need to majorly study for my sociology test tomorrow, cuddle with my baby, and watch "fast times at ridgemont high" -- what a great friggen movie, a classic!! so that's what i'll be doing 'til god knows what time and hopefully i get to bed before midnight 'cause i'm beat!!

    "parting is such sweet sorrow" -- goodnight!!

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