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BAS Tabloids! (bas_tabloids) wrote,
@ 2003-01-18 00:23:00
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    Well Well Well.

    So much to write about, so little time.

    So, in recent news, slayer_dushku claims that she is "strong and free". She also seems to have a slight obsession with the Hanson brothers. Hm. Remember, you heard it here first.

    sexyshanti4u, a convict? According to her most recent post in the Badass Stars Community, she's planning on "kidnapping someone". Hm. Who could this mystery person be, and why does Miss Ashanti find it so enchanting to kidnap them? We'll find out.

    In our love column, kara_ledard and b_j_carter are together, but with an "open relationship", according to Miss Ledard. Will this last, or is it damned to fail like most open relationships? We'll wait and see.

    isaac__hanson and chelle_branch_ are thinking of names for their unborn baby. Hm. That kid is going to be a musical genius, I'm telling you that right now.

    zachary and t0sc0 are a new couple. hm. what is with the pairing of the musical minds? A conspiracy to create an army of musicians? BAS Tabloids will find out ASAP.

    incubus_boyd seems to be pissed off at whoever's messing with . Hm. Now now, we don't need any fights to cause more scandal around here. Hm.

    emmathers wants everyone to know that he does shrooms. and we'll allow that to speak for itself.

    nattie_portman claims to be sorry that she hasn't been around more often. Please. Possibly, all of this girl's fame is going to her head, and she's too cool to update for anyone anymore.

    Good luck gweeniestefani and the rest of No Doubt on their superbowl performance. Now, don't go tripping on the stage and rip your pants off. We wouldn't want more to write about here. ;]

    lavigne_avril does not like to be in skirts. Hm. Interesting.

    channing_tatum claims to be pregnant. Seems to be a bit confused with the workings of his body, hm? ;-] Maybe a Sex Ed class can be in order for Mr. Tatum.

    stev0_32 seems to be a tad ticked that he wasn't informed of good friend and bandmatec0n3's relationship with halo_ginger. Whoa. Trouble in Paradise? Let's hope so. ;-)

    marie_serneholt and _e_taubenfeld have a new baby. Congrats. No sarcasm here. At least not for right now. ;)

    missxcarlton seems to have just gotten out of an abusive relationship. Will it provide inspiration for another hit song? Oh, how we hope.

    badass_stars continues to grow. New members include veronica_kay, former M2M member maritlarsen and marionravn, rachel_rr11, ladies man and dreamstreet member gr3g_ds, famous actress miss_julia, The Fast and The Furious' walker_paul, talena_xx, and more but this writer's lazy. Welcome, all.

    Remember, you can always get us at, on AIM at BAS Tabloids, or just commenting us if you have a juicy story, or if you want to be interviewed.

    Until next time....
    BAS Tabloids

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