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J Bar (barlowj) wrote,
@ 2004-09-28 23:27:00
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    Current mood:Warm
    Current music:red vs Blue

    In between the red vs blue
    Ok, I'm writing this in honor of tasha, as she requested it. I know I got two readers out there. Excellent. I got two funny things going on right now. Snl is on and, I'm watching Red vs Blue. If you don't know what red vs blue is, It's hilarious. Good sight funny stuff. go to the Archives and watch some. Don't take long to download. I recommend it. Ok New episode is done. I'm only in the begiinning of the second season. There are only two seasons though. We'll have to wait for Halo 2. I'm guessing. I don't read the news on the page just watch the movies.

    Funny shit funny funny shit.

    Ok i'll give the weekend run down. Thursday we were at marge's me and vinny had to go steal wood. It was fun. We got really drunk around a fire. Then Friday we went to oshkosh we partied at Joey's after we prepartied at Matt's house. Then i went to Go pass out after I stole gitter's pizza oven and brought it to Bray's. Cooked a pizza, then ate half. Went to bed woke up and ate the other half. Then during the day me and Tony went to go visit Tasha at Green bay. That was a lot of fun. I ate some really good Nachos. Those Fuggin' Nacho's kept me full until 9 and I ate them at like 2. It was crazy. I want to thank Tasha for the hospitality. She's awesome.

    At night I went to Nate and Chucks house in appleton. We got tore up. They weren't there though. Nate was at the Packer game and Chuck had to work when he got home he went to the Ave. W/ a bunch of people. Then I Stayed theree that night. It was awesome.

    Sunday was a lot of fun too. My nose itches. I went to my Uncle Terry's w/ my mom and Grandma and we watched the packer game. Damn the colt's, and the ref that tripped, and damn it. OK I love you all. Then I had a bunch of shit to do yesterday. It was fun School from 11:30 till 9, Yay.

    I leave you now. Good day to you.

    Your lord and master,
    The big guy

    P.S. Tasha rocks.

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