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Harper.Max (bakaryu_chan) wrote,
@ 2003-09-20 11:37:00
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    Current mood:In LOVE!!
    Current music:Umm... I dunnoo... Shinjitsu to Gensou to

    Just stuff...
    Well I think I solved my .html ineptness... lol. I know my last post didn't work do to the fact that I'm stupid... so here goes this one. I found these cute ickle dolls online and had to show them to all of you! lol.


    Adopted at: Antipode Adoptions


    Adopted at: Antipode Adoptions

    Aren't they cute?

    I need black lip gloss. Dur. *dies* I just can't seem to find it!

    I feal really releived because of something I did last night but don't want to say because I don't know if I'm in the place to say it. But to the person I talked to last night (and you know who you are) I wuv you sooooo soooo much. -hugs-

    And yea. So Life is pretty good in general lol. Had a SS test today on Islam and crap. I think I did pretty well on it and stuff. And then I had to run TWO FRICKING LAPS ON THE TRACK DURING GYM IN THE STINKING RAIN! Fxxking NAZI gym teacher from hell... *falls off seat*

    I hate this stupid storm too. *points to Krystal* I'm with you on this thing lol.

    Okay so I'm going to but black lip gloss now. k? Bai Bai

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