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bagendbabe (bagendbabe) wrote,
@ 2003-07-26 11:10:00
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    Current mood: exhausted

    OMG I am behind again ..
    What has been happening? Funny old week. Fern's sports day on Monday - she was all excited, then at 10 am we got a phone call to say she had been sick as a dog so I went to collect her from school. She seemed very poorly - sick and very hot and sweaty. So she missed her sports day. But thankfully she seemed back to normal by the afternoon.

    Tuesday I felt very unwell too so didn't go into work, then was told later on that they didn't need me there any more as the girl who had been off sick was back or something. Haven't heard anything from the agency for the rest of this week - the girl who deals with the bookings was apparently off and I feel a bit peed off about all that. Worried about money. Will ring them first thing Monday.

    Our friend Maureen is coming to stay on Wednesday 6th for a couple of days so I will not be able to work for those days. Can't to see her and show her our new house and round about. Need to straighten up the spare room - maybe do that today.

    It is 11.15 am, Saturday morning - OMG I didn't wake up until an hour ago - the last few days I have felt so b****dy knackered, completely exhausted, physically and mentally - think it must be all the stress of the last few months finally catching up. Just feel like I need a good rest - again both physically and mentally - to rejuvenate myself - a lovely holiday would be nice - some hope!!! Haha!!! Still I love it here and shouldn't complain as we are so lucky really. I just feel I want to sleep all the time - preferably cuddled up to Elijah. Mmmmm that would be nice.

    Fern broke up from school for the summer holidays on Wednesday and doesn't go back until September 7th or somesuch date ---- mmm that reminds me must look up the date. They didn't send a letter from school on her last day saying the return date - these schools are so slapdash. They expect a lot from the parents but don't seem to give much info in return. Still her new school seems better than the old one. At least they don't keep asking for us to send in money all the time for assorted things!

    Well need some breakfast now. The weather has been pouring the last few days, on and off. Went to Barrington Court again yesterday afternoon - it turned out hot after all the rain. We love it there. The house and gardens are beautiful. Bought some more crystals - I keep them in a little pot by the bed. I bought a snowflake obsidian and blue lace agate. Oh yes, we went to Lyme Regis on Wednesday, the last day of Fern's school year. Just Steve and me. They have a wonderful fossil shop, as of course this is the most famous place for fossils in the country. Everything is fossils and rocks. I bought more crystals there - amazonite and labradorite - to promote and self-love and spirituality respectively, amongst other things. Well I could do with some self-love, I am pretty spiritual already, but think they only do good anyway - they are such lovely things to hold and look at.

    Wow this was a long epistle. Yikes!!!! Off to get my breakfast now.

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