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scribbled words (badangstywords) wrote,
@ 2003-07-23 23:08:00
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    Current mood:peachy
    Current music:dreww

    i wrote two poems today..actually, 5 but im toucching up the other 3 tonite.
    first ones about a girl i know.
    the second is about god.
    well, if you read them, thats quite obvious.
    now, read on.

    feminine of david
    everyday when i poison myself
    i think of me and you
    and i think of our little talks
    and i think of that old photograph of me and you
    and i can read my own mind
    way back when i hated you
    i pretended to love you, and i think i really did
    oh sweet divine girl
    you were more than my best friend
    you were my first life lesson
    of loce and pain
    of hate and hidden messages
    like a little kid
    whos mother hates him and abuses him
    but he just takes it
    he doesnt know her
    but he loves her, so he just nods his head
    and says okay, shes right
    im horrible
    and he just takes the pain
    those hidden messages
    like a teenage girl
    whos daddy used to hit her
    and come in her room at night
    and when she gets a boyfriend
    she says she'll never be like her mother
    never let that happen
    until she does something wrong
    and it happens
    history repeats itself
    and she just accepts it
    theyre all alike
    and she just doesnt know
    and she just takes the pain
    like i took the pain
    and accepted you were better than me
    and you always told me
    and you always reminded me
    acceptance is the key to pain
    oh sweet divine girl

    can i desert you
    but you know, i won't worry.
    i have an easy going mind
    i can take it
    by myself, right...
    well not today
    not at all
    im scared
    im hurt
    i need your help
    i need your guiding
    i need you now
    but im not ready for comitment
    so can i just desert you later
    like a one night stand
    but i need your help for now
    i need help from you now
    will you be there for me
    will you be ther for me now?
    wil lyou stay for me when i need you again?
    i hope your not too busy for me
    like i am for you
    i hope i can leave afterwards
    and go back to hating you
    and go back to lonliness
    and go back to arrogance and ignorance
    without you
    please god
    i need you now
    maybe not again
    maybe not after
    or ever for now
    please got
    can i desert you after

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