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backdoorman (backdoorman) wrote,
@ 2003-07-06 16:03:00
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    Current mood: horny
    Current music:mc5...starship

    yesterday was pretty lazy...i sat around the house all day and didn't do too much...i waited for ellen and ruby to get done with their camp at 8pm and then we went up to kansas city and hung out with bagel, who just got back in town from italy...dave temple and jeff belzeski were there and they were really wasted...the girls had to be back at the dorms by 2am so we left kfc around 1...stopped by mcdonalds and scored up a mcchicken...i fed aj a fry bird-style...we had to pull off the highway so i could piss and 2 sheriffs drove right by and didn't do a thing...thats better...dropped off ruby and ellen and went ome and talked to sabrina for the first time since the 'incident'...shes moving back home this weekend but i think she has forgiven me...i love her a lot and i dont want her to see me as a sleeze ball...we talked until about 4am and she went to bed while i walked to rockwell's and chilled with him and morris since they left for lake owen this, rockwell and luke bender walked to my mcdougals house around 5am looking for some pot for them to take on the road...he didnt have any so we walked to my house and smoked some leafer...FUCK THAT SHIT!!!...i took a hit that was a bit too much for me and i had to walk outside and puke...i felt like such a pussy...i havent puked since halloween...and i was drinking beer lastnight too...i wasnt even drunk it was just the horrible ass thats over with and we bullshit in skulls living room some more while the sun comes up...i went home to eat and fell out around 7am...what a weekend...i think aj may have gotten laid lastnight...i thought i heard a girl talking in his room when i went to bed...dunkle called me around 7:15 and was all hopped up on addorall...he wouldnt shut up...i actually slept until 2 this afternoon, so i was stoked...we watched full metal jacket and now i have to post some shit on the message board for my fiction class...we might go to brentons house later...he talks about a keg and some wacky tomorrow...back to reality...itchy eyes...later...

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