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Rissa (babyphat_mami) wrote,
@ 2003-03-13 17:24:00
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    Current mood: relaxed
    Current music:Amerie :talkin to me

    Dang it feel like i aint updated in a while.......well thats becuz i havent lol i aint been up to nuttin so yall wasnt missing out on ne thing i just been goin to school n chillin. i been at the school for like a 1week n a half itz koo so far . today my classez were: physics,spanish,english n gym which i hate gym i dont know why i'm in dat damn class but ne wayz during spanish it started raining n i'm glad it stopped cuz i didnt have a umbrella during lunch it was boring cuz da gurl i hang wit went on a field trip so it was like ugh its was koo tho i got A lunch = boring. i stayed after school for math tutoring becuz i dont get that shit they doing itz way diff den whut i was doin in Mi but i'll catch on maybe.afta i left school i came home then i went wit my mama to get my nephew frum Day Care then we dropped him off at home man he bad he go get out the car den i got out n he started runnin up da stairs so i had to take his coat n stuff n da house i was calling his name he kept runnin i was like i know u hear me talkin to u then he was laughin then when i got in my sista house she was askin him were his coat n stuff was then i walked in der n she looked at me then she said to my nephew u be runnin yo auntie .................Ne wayz to cutt da story short my day iz ending soon cuz i aint goin nowhere else tonight i dun think .......

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