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BabyGurlKay (babygurlkay) wrote,
@ 2003-08-02 12:21:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:linkin park "somewhere i belong"

    ~*at my dadoos yay!!!!!*~
    heh, finally im ungrounded!! yay!!!!! wahoooooooo! but anyway... im at my dad's house for the weekend so it's all good im having fun! yeah anyway.. today we're probablyjust going to go swimming and stuff. i got a migrane reallllll bad migrane yesterday!!! :'( i was sooo mad because i got it right wheni was going to my physical appointment and i had to cancel it and i HAVE to have my physical before school starts in order to play soccer and if i can't play soccer ill freaking die!! the doctors office is booked till october and ugh im just really mad! but i gues ican live! butchaknow! ~*ShOuT oUtS*~ jada- hey babe! i miss you like crazzzzzzzzzzzzy! when are you gonna frikkin write me back??? its been months! we'll do something soon lusm lizzy- i still can't believe we have'nt done nething this summer is making me crazed! steph- gimme a ring when you get back!!!! ill be waiting katelyn- so glad your home now we can finally chyll!! gime a riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing! ~*_puppy!!!!_*~ omg im sooo happy im getting a puppy! we already got it but we dont have it in our house yet! it's tiny it's like 2 and a half fists big! it's a baby choclate lab!!!! she is so freaking adorable. her name is riley and when we get her be free to come stop up and see her! well now that im ungrounded im pretty happy and i have to occupy myself for two weeks until i get my friggin puppy! but im going school clothes shopping this week so it's all good!! lm1 comment or sunthing cuz i can't use aim for the longest time according to my mom, so call me or keep urself updated in my blurty ~*_calue!_*~

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