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<33 (babygrl2envi) wrote,
@ 2004-11-02 18:17:00
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    Current mood: calm
    Current music:R. Kelly - Feelin' You In Stereo

    I actually feel like I've done something productive today...besides not attending classes today, I've managed to :

    - draw about 10 of the 30 drawings that I need to draw for Bio 7 (how interesting huh?)

    - take care of my sister and help her feel better cuz she had an ill stomach ache

    and most importantly...


    I hope you people went out there and did you... I've asked a few people I kno if they goin to vote, I was surprised wen most said they wouldn't. What does that say about me? Am I a deviant within my own social network? {gasp}
    na lmao lemme fuckin stop wid the sociology n smart shit but then again, that is my motto (You see, pretty people can be smart too!)...

    besides that, a lot of shit has been goin down lately, good and bad concerning Cesar... notice that I concerning because I'm tryin to emphasize the fact that the bad part didn't involve him and I in a direct sense.. I'd rather talk of the good tho because :

    1) it's been more prevalent in our relationship lately (which is fuckin great because I hate fightin wid him all the time)

    2) the bad part(s) are kinda personal n I don't wanna put it out there like dat because....

    3) I kno he's gonna wanna read this one day (LOL cuz he thinks I be bad-mouthin him but it aint nothin, I don't have anythin to hide from him u kno)

    well, back to the point, Cesar and I had a great fucken time on Saturday -- actually this whole weekend with him was great! I mean the nigga went all out for me for the most part..we went to the city and hung out for a while we went out to eat at BBQ's and we was gonna go see a movie but I didn't really want to...I'll prob. go with him this Friday to see the Grudge cuz I feel bad that he wants to see it and I keep tellin him no (I don't have the patience for movie theatres)...anyways, we had fun and shit ... we did a lot more but I don't wanna get all into detail like that lol nah I'm buggin

    then me , him and his friend Chris' brothers Ponchy and Jonathan a co-worker of his went to the Halloween Parade in Greenwich Village... it was really nice and I had a genuinely good time... Cesar had bought a co-worker with him originally (which happened to be a girl but, surprisingly, I felt no jealously toward him for bringing her or her at all, plus, he told me that he had brought her for his homeboy, Chris) but she had ended up leaving because she lost her purse.

    besides that, this weekend was great and I hope that me and Cesar could have more good times like that...I'm doin pretty good myself in college and I'm proud of that because I work fairly hard for my grades (I put an adequate amount of time apart from my day aside into studying and other schoolwork)...thank God though because, without Him, nothing could be

    iite well I'm out.. gotta go eat some Chinese real quick cuz I'm starvin... I'mma be hopin that Kerry wins

    imma type the inside jokes tomoro Susan!!! I promise!!

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