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<33 (babygrl2envi) wrote,
@ 2004-10-04 16:07:00
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    Current mood: hopeful
    Current music:nothing really

    yea watever Part 2
    We Made Up.

    Then Broke Up in The Club.

    Then Made Up Again.

    So I'm still with Cesar ... thats okay though I think I'm starting to like havin him as my man (It takes me a while to actually LIKE someone, I could be feelin them but that's different than liking)... the 10th will be one month and it seemed like much longer than that... I feel like I've been with him for at least 3 months... oh well, thas mah little big head !! lol

    I told everyone that I don't feel like goin to Metro cuz it aint even that serious and it's far as hell (Willet's Point in Queens, like right next to fuckin Shea lol)

    But NoOoo...after so much reluctance I talked myself into goin for Mari and my man's sake mostly...

    It was iight and I got to see Antonio Santos there... (I'm sorry but I can't stand Dominicans sometimes but he's cool)

    I came home at 5 in the morning from Metro on Sunday.

    Someone got shot there last night.

    Nobody listens to Sketch wen she says not to go somewhere.

    Oh well.... I'm out

    * FaLL baCc

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