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Robyn (babygirlrav) wrote,
@ 2003-11-18 21:04:00
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    fisrt entry
    Hey...I'm Robyn and this is my blurty. i jus switched schools and the school im at now is just a run of the mill type of place same drama same stupidity but what more can u ask for in high school? i got this blurty thang cause my bbf's all have then yes calle and nicolian u guys! idiots i still dont get y u hate each other every otha minute but whatever floats ur dead fish! i luv u guys new schools suck. i guess i will state some beliefs or something because i dont really know what else to write.....i have some belief in anarchy but doubt it will consume america because isnt anarchy a form of government just non government i guess its jus the question **to any real punks or hippies on the internet normal people dont waste ur time** if an anarchist group gained political power would it be a form of government or just freedom? i listen to a lil bit of every type of music my favorite songa are
    one last carress my the misfits, 6 pack by black flag, suga suga how u get so fly aww its so cute!!! theres too many
    i play guitar. and my "boyfriends" an idiot right now whatever. Will is my huni(i wish) and well theres my first entry hope ur happy calle coz i hate this public writing thing lol
    love yas girls
    PS_charlie gainor i miss u hun we gotta party

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