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Robyn (babygirlrav) wrote,
@ 2003-12-09 20:28:00
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    Current mood: high
    Current music:safe-kittie

    hey hey
    hey guys o today was alright it kinda sucked tho. school was borin as usual kinda good i guess. i got my progress report lol uppsi i kinda sucked on that. i came home and got on the comp and leslie this cunt from john stark had all these ppl bitch me out on the internet becuz she couldnt do it herself and i couldnt say anything or nicole would get suspended wich is fuckin retarded. i hate that bitch cant wait to run into her ill kill her. i hate it when ppl cant hold their fucking own!!!!! grr. so that kinda sucked then jake came over and we went down to the train tracks and stuff talekd about crap hes alright hes a freshi at my school but none of the freshmen are all that bad the sophmores are the asshooles but i am one so yaknow. i talked to nicoe,l and my dad played guitar thought about shit. my stomache hurts to much to live i went to the doctors today for a mega quick checkup they took a pic and are gettin back to me some time tomorrow atleast i can eat now thank god i was gunna tweek lol ramen, cheeze doodles ice cream lol i pigged out. i gotta eat good food so i can really beat the shit out of leslie break that fat bitches broken legs grr lol she said she was gunna send my convo to the police lmao what a fuckin loser! i hope she does i alreadt have a record i dont really care what else is on it and there only gunna give me community service. stupid bitch whatever i better be careful now grrr anywho any ways what do u call a white grandmother? a gram cracker ye that was rpetty dumb shutup lol welpz i guess ill go play my guitar made up the prettiest song about the best guy in the world maybe one day ill get my gut up enough to play it to him timmy :) and dont u dare say i told u so! coz i knew the whole time to if u knew where my happiness goes when i jus hear his voice omg its crazy the best smile goes across my face but ill never get the gut god damn seriousness lol welp im guna go dream luvs ya calle-----------------------------------------------------penis this close man it was like ooo baby lmao anyways will remember that time at friendlys when we were fuckin in the parkin lot and someone pulled up rght next to us lmao o good times we didnt stop but i think we put up a pretty damn good show if i say so myself lol o boyz thats on the internet now lmao i love you baby boy!

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