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CrIsTy (babycristy456) wrote,
@ 2004-03-18 22:36:00
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    Current mood: amused
    Current music:All you need is LOVE...(beetles)

    im soo tired! last nite i was up studying for my gay economics midterm...and i dont know how i did. i hope i did good! well anyways, i just got bak from work and im tired. Last night, the funniest shit happened. I got a phone call from the wonderful ex...drunk as fuck telling me things that he forgets the next always. oh well, im used to it by now! well i didnt get paid today, very upset i must say! because i was planning to go shopping tomorrow for a new outfit for saturday..someting cutie. i was also goign to do somthing else....the salon! get my hair DID!! lol. cut the tips and possibly dye it a brown redish color. but dark u know? i dont go light...brunette i will always be. So anyways, im going to do that stuff tomorrow. but im not sure about my hair tho...wonder how ill look...hmmm....oh welll, i guess ill find out. whatever im excited. one more day til the weekend!! woohoo!!!

    okay i learned something in religion class today which i will share lol. we are learning about LOVE now. but what do i know about love?!!? well anyhow, we shared love quotes which i thought were cute...

    *...A smart girl kisses and doesnt tell
    listens but doesnt believe
    forgives but doesnt forget
    and leaves before she is left...*

    * its is as foolish to let a fool kiss you, as it is to let a kiss fool you.* (okay so im basically a fool!!!)

    *Love enhances all the senses (smell, taste, feel, see, hear), except COMMON SENSE.*

    *Love understands reasons that reasoning cannot understand.* (truuuu....)

    *Love is like peeing in your pants...everyone can see it, but only you get the warm fuzzy feeling inside* (hehehe)

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