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CrIsTy (babycristy456) wrote,
@ 2004-03-15 15:11:00
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    Current mood: amused
    Current music:Slow Jams_Twista

    hey there. just got home from school. and im off to work at 4. Today monica said the most smartest thing i had ever heard in my life....we were talking about prom and i realized...WHO THE HELL AM I GOING TO TAKE? since i got a boyfriend and all (lol HA!) but i said to myself...ill take a friend. I never thought of the bright idea that monica came up with. she said to take "the person i liked". woww!!! what an idea. i never thought of that.i think i might bc even tho hes a jerk...ill be happy if i take him :)...WOW! well anyways. whatever happens, happens.
    oh yea,lol. last night i got a funny phone call from my wonderful exboyfriend (hmm hmm). he was a little upset that i sent him a "mean" email. He called me a bitch, i called it "expressing my mind"!!!! lol. ahhh

    My version of SLow Jams :oP
    I told him to drive over in your new whip
    Bring some friends you cool with
    Imma bring da cool whip
    Then I want you to strip
    See you is my new *ick
    So we get our grind on
    He be grabbin, callin me baby you so fine tho
    Man I swear he fine girl!
    Why he always lying though
    Tellin me he love me when he know he really dont
    ***lol! what do u think of this remix? lol so much for my boredom!***

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