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BaByBuNnY (babybunny19) wrote,
@ 2003-08-25 20:54:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:The All-American Rejects- Your Star

    Im home!!
    Hey everyone! I'm finally updating because I have nothing better to do. So on Thursday night after practice my mom and I left for the reunion in WAshington D.C. We left at 10:00pm and we had to stop in New Jersey and then take a plane to Baltimore. The airport in New Jersey is soooooo freakin big!! They REALLY need to build our airport like that. We arrived in Baltimore about 8:45am Friday East coast time. Nana and Buddy and Ashley( my cousin) picked us up from the airport. IT was soooooo great to see them. Especially Ashley because I hadn't seen her in 2 1/2 years. Once we got to my grandparent's house, Uncle Shawn and Juli,Victor, and Madison (cousins) were all there. Madison has grown so much since the last time I'd seen her and she's soooo cute. She looks just like Juli. We also saw Uncle Keneith but that wasn't too unusual because he lives about 40 minutes away from us. Nana and Buddy's house was exactly like the way I remembered it but for some reason it seemed smaller. I think it was because the last time I was there I was about 8 years old and everything seems bigger when you're little. I was soooooo tired because I didn't sleep at all on the plane. I woke up on Thursday at 10:30am and then didn't go to bed until 1:30am Friday was crazy. Ashley and I slept on the Aero bed in Nana's room and my mom slept in the bed with Nana. But before we went to bed we play a couple rounds of who wants to be a millionaire. My team won the One million dollars!!! My team consisted of Juli, Ashley, Uncle Shawn and I. Madison was there for support. It was cool to win because Nana and Buddy are so Competitive. On Saturday morning I was woken up by Ashley yelling "Boo!!" and then she said "There's someone here who wants to see you" and then I looked over my shoulder and it was Lauryn (neice). I was sooooo happy to see her. We exchanged hugs and kisses as usual. Then we all went downstairs and I saw Kymie(sister). I was sooo happy to see her. Justin (bro in law) and Josh (nephew) were upstairs sleeping. A little while later they came downstairs and I said hey and Joshie was soo sleepy. A couple hours later Keith (cousin) and Krystal (his fiance) and Sebastien and Serenity ( Krystal's kids) arrived. That was cool. Then we all gathered in the Family room because Nana and Buddy had something they wanted to give to us. I knew exactly what it was because everytime we have a reunion they always have so type of clothing made to commemorate it. Each of us got these green shirts that said "Sweeney Family Connection, Washington D.C. , August 2003" and on the back it said "Unending bond of love" and it had all our names in a spiral. It was pretty cool. Then that nite Keith and Krystal went to the Redskins game while the rest of us went to Ernie's Crab House in Virgina. It took us FOREVER to get there but it was worth it. They brought out these trays of crab and then would just pile them infront of you. The crab was soooooooo good. So I guess it was worth it. Then we went back to the house and then Keith and Krystal got home and the Redskins won so that was cool because Buddy and Nana are big Redskin fans. That night, Ashley and I stayed up til 4:00am playing cards and just talking because it was her last night in D.C. because she was leaving on Sunday. On Sunday morning all had to get up to go the 10:00am mass. All of us wore our green Sweeney shirts to mass. So we were this big blob of green. IT was soooo funny. I felt like I was on a field trip and everyone was looking at us trying to read our shirts. Everyone knows Nana and Buddy at their church so everyone kept coming up to us a commenting. I've realised something. EVERYONE wants to be a Sweeney. It's crazy!! But not everyone can be a Sweeney. You have to have a certain percentile of of weirdness, huh Ashley?? LoL So after mass, Nana, Buddy, mom, Kymie, Justin, Uncle Keneith and I went to the airport to go see Uncle Shawn, Victor, Juli, Madison and Ashley off. It was sad to see them go, especially Ashley because she's like my twin. But it was fun being with them for the time that we had. On the way back from the airport we stopped and Safeway (YAY!!) and I took some pictures of it. LOL. I have to show Lynsey. Then we went home and I just hung out with Lauryn and Josh. They are so much fun. This morning (monday), we got on our flight and left D.C. We had to stop in Houston, Texas. IT was hella weird because the person sitting next to my mom was the mom of a girl that cheers on my cheer squad. Isn't the weird? LoL. Well As I already said, I got home at 3:30pm today and had to get ready for practice. We hurried our asses home from D.C. because I had to be at practice by 5:00pm that day. Once I got there, everyone was sent home and was told that practice was cancelled because they were doing something to the floor in the little theatre so we couldn't practice. I was pissed and happy at the same time. I was happy that we didn't have practice but pissed beacuse I knew this was gonna happen. We could stayed a whole extra day in D.C. if we had of known that practice was gonna be cancelled. I knew this was gonna happen though. But I'm glad im home because I can talk to Kevin now. ;D

    Well this was a LONG LONG ENTRY.....sorry


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