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BaByBuNnY (babybunny19) wrote,
@ 2003-10-06 16:29:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:Goofy Movie - Stand Out

    HoMeCoMiNg WeEk!!
    Yeah so last week was totally awesome! Lets start with Monday...

    Monday was pajama day so we got to wear our pajamas to school. Always cool. It felt great to be confortable at cool for once. Tuesday was twin day and Nicole and I were twins. We wore black pants, flip flops, a black tank top with a white wife beater over it. We were twins last year too. Wednesday was jersey day so of course I wore my Raiders jersey. I wore Tim Brown! Most of the school wore Raider jerseys. I thought it was cool. I saw about two 49er jerseys. Thursday was theme day and the homecoming skit rally. It was hella awesome and our dance was so fuckin cool. I love mah girls S. Biggie, L. Money, C. Dizzle, M. Chili and Ki-Ki-La Licious! It was so much fun. Im hecka glad that I did it. It was fun getting to hang out with people that I don't usually hang out with too like, Alex, Tito, Adam, Johnson, Emily, Ryan, Julia and everyone else. Im totally gonna be in it next year too and I hope that all the other people will too!! Friday was spirit day and the homecoming nominee rally. We totally sucked at the rally but we made up for it later ;D. Gina and Tito won for our classes's homecoming Prince and Princess. Paul Cramer won for homecoming King and Ali Tayo won for Queen.
    Later on friday night I had to cheer at the varsity homecoming game. It was soooo cold and we ended up losing. I got to see a lot of the seniors that graduated last year though. They looked sooooooooooooo hot!!! OMG I can't even explain it. I miss the guys of '03 soooo bad ;(.

    After we lost the game, we all got to go out and slap the other teams football players hands. I've discovered that Miramonte guys area very hot! I need to move to that school!

    Saturday was the homecoming dance. I went to get my hair did at 11:00am at beauty hair and nails. Omg it looked soooooo pretty. Then I went to the mall the get a purse and some last minute items and I got my nails done. THen I went to Safeway to get a camera and a starbucks. Then I went home and changed into my dress and put on make up and everything. We met at Laura's house at 5:30pm and took pictures with everyone. There were 12 girls at her house. From her house we headed to Pasta Primavera. We saw Christina and Christina and Rachael and their dates there too. We had hella fun at the restaurant. Our bill came to almost $200!!! And it was an almost $30 tip!!! Whatever...once we were done eating we went to the dance. Everyone looked soooooooooooo pretty and hott. Like even people who you wouldn't normally think was attractive looked really good. I was soooo happy. I'm pretty sure I hugged about everyone there. LOL. I don't know about everyone else, but I had loads of fun at the dance. I thought it was better than last year and Im getting my pictures back in about and hour ::hella excited::.

    At the dance, I realised that Im am COMPLETELY in love with my class!!! I love like everyone in it! We're like one big family. '06 BABY!!!!!

    Sunday was our first cheer competition of the year at Great America. We totally kicked ass!!! We place 2nd and qualified for nationals!! I watched us on the video twice and we looked soooo good. Our formations were awesome. We cradled and got up at the same time. We were great! Soquel got first. Some of the Dublin parents said that they think that they got 1st because they had more tumbling. Oh well...we're working on it and next time 1st place will be ours!! This is only the beginning!

    Today was good too. Got to see my friends. Found out that my grade in math went up 10%!! HELL YEAH! I'm hella happy. I Love my friends!

    Bye Bye

    T. Rizza

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