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baby_kishes (baby_kishes) wrote,
@ 2003-06-01 10:50:00
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    Current mood: stressed
    Current music:tha tv -- the kermit tha fr0g m0vie 0r sumpthin

    im tireD as hell.. its sunDay mornin.. and i g0ts SOO much to0o acc0mplishh =[ .. i g0t 2 less0ns 0f math, a big shyt l0ad 0f science, a science test 2morw, anD i still g0tta mem0rize my speeCh 4 hist0ry.... and idk wah im wearin 2morw... and i d0nt wana look that niCe 2morw eitha... arrah s0o friday i went 2 d0rney and thaT niTe i sLepTt at 8 .. i was tireed... then yesterday i went sh0ppinQ and g0t 3 t0ps, a grad dress, and pepe jeans... then i came h0me and called up alina anD made plans, then alina called me bacC.. then jen called me.. and i called c0rt,jen,glorii,lina, lina's sis and mahHh sis went b0wlingg... haha tha laDiie ther was a bytCchh!! n0ne 0f us new h0w t0o w0rk tha sc0reb0arD -- s0o this lil kid came + did it 4 us... we staRted b0wlin and me + glorii g0t a strike and a half thingy.. we was like DAMMN WE GOOD.. then we figured 0ut they had tha bumpers up.. lmao.. s0o me + glorii went + g0t them d0wn.. then we played and madd peopLes started t0o c0me.. s0o my sis and linas sis were b0wlin 4 every1 .. lol.. me and jen and glorii went 2 tha bathr0oOM + this kiid bumpt in2 jen .. gloRii's like "excuse me".. LMAOOOoo... then we juss sat ther + taLkt.. and 0ur lane g0t meSst up like 10o times and we hadda keep askin thme 2 fix it... then eventually bree, liSs,natalie + lorii camee ... we talkt to liss and bree f0r a lil whiLe ;).. lol.. then me, jen, lina, glori and me+lina's sister left and went 2 mcdonaLds + we gav in 0ur sh0es 0r waheva.. and tha ladiie started screamin "did ug0o 0utside,,now n0wun can use these cuz you went outside"... jen goes "noo we didnt"... lol we went to mcdonalds .. then alina,jen,glorii was laughin at sumthin.. YA`LL GOiiN TA HELL F0R THAT!!" .. then we ateEe + talkt m0ree lol.. then ther was this lil b0y wh0o squeezed himself between the wall + gamecube.. then he c0vered his face fr0m ashley (alinas sis).. and i th0t it was cuz 0f sumthinQ else.. so i started crackiin up!!.... and s0o did alina .. buh we figured 0ut it reallie wasnt.. then jeNny left .. then alina, glori, me..ect went 0utside .. then alinas m0m pickt glori,alina+ashLey up and ma br0o camE and piCkt me upp...i g0ts homE .. and i slept cuz im tired + still tired.. and 2day ima end up d0in all my homework.. =\ .. soo ima hafta start s0on.. oOh yeh aymers was yesTerday --- HAPPiiE 14th BiiRTHDAY<3 .. ima 0uts x0o baby_kishes

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