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baby_kishes (baby_kishes) wrote,
@ 2003-05-20 16:12:00
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    Current mood: cheerful
    Current music:guEsS whOs biZzaCk-then im like naw leme st0p im n0t gangsta

    2dayy was banGiin -- lols i th0t 0ur fielD triip was g0n suCkk.. buh it wasnt that bad.. newark museum suckt.. lol tha ladii aint like me 0r suttin.. lol.. then mcdonalds.. "ANYBODIIE GOT 4 QUARTERS?!" lmao jen + gigEe.. then ya`ll shut tha d0or.. haha thanks chicks<3... then 0ff 2 b0wlin.. lol.. s0o we wenT.. luckily i aint hafta wear them ugly b0wlin sh0es xP.. lol.. i came in furss plaCe tha 2nd timE! w0o h0oO!! hehe.. den dey turnd 0n music and marc was danciin.. i was like omg.. me,lia,lina,gigee+jen buSzted 0ut laughin.. and wiLl was dancin while b0wlin.. lol.. and rolando jammed ma dammn finger!!.. grr.. buh he said s0wriie.. lol.. then i maDe dillian + marc win me a t0y cuz i wasnt g0n pay 2d0llas f0r them shiets... s0o we kept b0wlin and i g0ts ma t0ys -- gigee g0tta d0ggy fr0m j-dawg... lia g0t suttin.. lols.. lina g0t suttin...jenny g0t suttin..and i g0t suttin! hehe... then we finished b0wlin and came baCc.. 0n tha buS sum1s zipper was 0pen LMAO lina.. then mr chestanG tryed ta hollah at thiS ladiie.. lols.. we r0ckt tha baCk 0f tha buS! gigee,jen,lia, lina + mEe ..and johnpaul and william.. lol.. ma new best frend is anth0ny d. , sikEe.. lol i was juss tellin him h0w i aint like ferry cuz he a lil bizzitCh... grr.. melissa t0ok a piC 0f me by she t0ok wun 0f me johnpaul and lina ... we came baC 2 skool and chilled 0utside.. haha WE MODELS -- NOT THEM.. >;T.. lina g0es 'yasmin ur evil'... n0o im n0ts! lol wun word CONCEALOR.. shh..hehe... after skool kenny mest up ma bear >;T... and i d0nt feel that g0oD buh it was a reallie reallie g0od day.. x).. mwas x0Oo baby_kishes ..oh yhe..idk if im g0in 2 foley .. buh i wana / lols we`ll seE

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