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Haley (babiig7) wrote,
@ 2004-01-19 21:47:00
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    My weekend!
    Today was fun because I went outside to get my doggie and he was on the hill .. I slipped on the ice and fell it was soo funnie!! I also talked to Crystal, Alyssa, Latisha, and Tiffany today... OMG wen I was talking to Crystal she said that this one girl (Alicia) said that she wanted to punch me..but its ok because im not scared of her fat as*! Crystal is soo funnie..last week I called her house and I was talking to her dad and wen he said, "Later", I said I love you too...I didn't mean to but it just slipped out..Crystal and I have alot of funnie moments!!! On last monday or tuesday I was talking to crystal and my sister at the same time, and my sister(chelsea) was going to fix me a sandwich and she goes haley do you want bologna or salami?? I was trying to pay attention to crystal because shewas telling me something and I go I want Blome!!LoL Blome!! I am so funny...I talked to Corey too! I had to help the dum-dum with his homework..LoL!! I I haven't talked to Kyle since yesterday..I told him I loved him.. and I hugged him..:) (we went skating together) I had fun because alot of my friends were Latisha and Tiffany..{they are sisters} Yepp.. Tiffany and I are starting to be good friends and I hope it stays that way because she is really nice and funny!! }i{

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