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Amanda (babigurlx5x) wrote,
@ 2003-03-07 23:08:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:The Voice of Stephanie Nichole Burns lol

    Hey ya'll! How are u? Im gOod. Today was Carnival Ball, its when all the classes of the High School get together and try to make up funny acts n shit. So neways, our class act sucked...OMG i was sooo embarassed to be a sophomore!!! I was like jesus...good thing i wasnt in it! lol Yea so after that, I went home and called my friend CrystaL. She then was at the movies but we were suppose to go to the MC dance and she ditched me!!! ThaNx PaL!! Well then me, Steph, Kim, Megan, and Christina went ova Kims and had an awesome time! It was sooo funny, I love my girls sooo much. We then walked to Friendly's and had ice cream n like made so much noice at like 1030! lol it was sooo funny! Then Kim's boyfriend called and he wanted to come over and since she hasnt seen him in a while, we all decided to leave and go home. I was tired neways, school then Carnival Ball def. wears u out! lol Well my friend Steph just called so Im gunna go talk to her on the phone, i'll leave an entry tomorrow...GoOdNiTez! <3 MaNdi bAbi

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