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Meg*n (babigirl14) wrote,
@ 2003-11-11 18:25:00
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    Current mood: exhausted
    Current music:'Neon'

    *Nov. 11th*
    Wow todays been a tiring day. All my classes seem so easy, but packed full of hw, and my Science class is the only one i'm focusing on right now. As you guys all know about EFS, she was a dear friend, I don't think *ANYONE* could ever replace her. She left us October 25th,2003 around 8 or 9 pm :(...
    I'm really going to miss her.
    My life is going alot smoother even though i've had alot of difficulties, i'm letting go of alot of guys and going back to my homework and schoolwork, because in the end, nothing will matter. I have a few guys in my mind though.. but some of the ones are well, not dateable they're just too brotherly-like. This is on to a different subject but its a little different. Kameron Bolton, my ex bf since the last day of May.. well we got on with our lives and stuff but we kept talking and became better friends because of it. A few months later maybe in August or Sept., his friend Spencer got in touch with me and was like Kameron really misses you and wants to see you. So i tried harder but it was never good enough! Well it all came down to one thing, he led me on and mixed my emotions because his friends were being thruthful to me and alot nicer then he came out to be. One lesson for those girls out there, the guy you date is not the guy you end up with and he'll change eventually!
    Well i moved on with my life woo! Chris Carter is one of the sweetest guys out there,let me tell yah! And I don't care how much you *DISAGREE* with me, I will keep my opinion! He's always there for me and even went to EFS' funeral with me and just kept me on my feet. Shane Page is also a great guy friend, he's like the brother i never had! He comes over maybe 3/4 times a week and we talk and we have a great time..he's fun to be around and is the best advice giver. LOL love ya Shane and Chris you guys mean soo much!
    Steven- my best friend till the end.. we've been having trouble because of *H-tYmE* last Saturday but we need to forget the past and move on..Even if we end up going out or whatever we'll always be best friends!

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