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Kate (babiekayts) wrote,
@ 2003-11-16 13:08:00
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    Current mood:frustrated
    Current music:Smile empty soul- bottom of the bottle

    leaving cle elum
    This weekend has gone by so fast, you don't even understand! lol I hung out with all of my friends here in cle elum so that I could spend time with them before I move all the way to EFFING GOLD BAR! I don't know if you know where that is, but its sooo frigging small, the only good part about Gold Bar is the offroading I am going to do when I get there, I am going to tear some shit up! My bronco is gay and it blew its engine, so now I have to wait to be able to put a new one in, my buddy jason has one but its a diesel, and I don't really want a diesel engine, but hey as long as its going to run I don't give a shit, he said he would give it to me and all the parts to get the engine in for 1,000. But the only problem is that I don't have a thousand dollars at the moment to spare, so my uncle is going to let me use his truck to get up to reider pit! I can't wait, its a 91 toyota tacoma. I am gunna rip it to shreds! I can't fucking wait!!

    This Friday, me and cassie ran over a deer on I 90 going 75 it was scary, Cassie screamed soo loud! I was just laughing my ass off! She didn't wanna drive anymore, it was hilarious! And then we went back to my friend jasons house and were hanging out and his fucking physco bitch ex Girlfriend decided she wanted to fight me, so I got on the phone with her and told her she was making a big mistake, cause I would rip her a new asshole , but she got all cocky and said she wanted to meet me somewhere, so I went to go find her and she called an hour later and said that her mom made her go home , I was like what the fuck! I wanted to kill her, she is like 15 and has the biggest mouth ever! I just wanted to curb stomp the whore. But its all good, I don't care, she can run away scared all she wants. just proves my point that she is all talk. cassie wanted to kill her too , it was funny, she was like just let me go to her house, lemme use your truck jason! It was hilarious. but last night was relaxing , we went hot tubbing up at the stuart lodge in cle elum, it was awesome. we had a blast. me LeRae, Cassie, Kelley and jason all went. Jason's brother owns it so we got to go up there for free it was sweet! aight kids I am out, I gotta pack my shit, we are moving in 3 days!
    love kate!

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