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Leeanne Hammond (b182) wrote,
@ 2004-06-01 15:35:00
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    Current mood: frustrated
    Current music:AFi- tha lost souls

    I went to Katie magic's yesturday and we went swimming at Pine Island. it was realy fun. then we came bak and chilled at her house, it was funi cuz i was talking weird and she was recording it. lmao. we played sims on tha computer it was so fun! but it got kinda weird so yea. then we watched underworld tat's a really good movie! then we watched Van Wilder haha. tat movie is so funi. i ate an entire bag of potato chips lmao. i was really hungry. yea i was asleep and the cat jumped on me and i thought it was Katie hitting me so i slapped tha cat! lol it was so funi. yep. i had to go to tha orthodontist on monday and get impressions for something called palatal spreading application thingie. they put metal crap inbetween my teeth it hurt. im really bored and got nothing to do which sucks. urgh. one of my friends which i'm not goin to name has changed so much. they were really cool and now i nvr talk to tat person. it really annoys me. it's like evr since they found some other friends he's changed. he's different now. but w/e. k well i'm got nothin else to say so bye

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