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Leeanne Hammond (b182) wrote,
@ 2004-05-28 11:02:00
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    Current mood: energetic
    Current music:colt 45-afroman

    hey last night I went to frankies w/dani, jessica, katie, brian, and daniel. it was really fun. yea we started singing colt 45 in front of these black guys and it was hilarious! lol. yea we played laser tag and dani and brian were shooting me and i felll and couldnt' get up! lol. my name for laser tag was top gun. haha. then someone threw ice on me and it went down my shirt and i didn't realize it until we were walking around and i had to reach down my shirt to get it out. lmoa. then we went on tha go carts lol i passed jessica and she was cussing at me. then dani was tryin to pass me and i was swerving so she cudn't pass me. she was like LEEANNE STOP! lol. then she finally did and i started cussing at her. the guy tat worked there was acting like a asshole! and jessica went up to him and was like y r u being such a asshole? and he walked away and told tha cop. and tha cop came ova to us and was like which one of u asked tat guy y he was actin like a asshole and jessica raised her hand. it was so funi. lol. then my dad dropped everyone off cept for brian and daniel. then i got online and i started asking andrew questions like y didn't he go and some other shit like tat. then he got an attitude with me! lol. yea i felt like a nosy bitch by askin all these questions but dani asked me to so i did cuz i offered to ask him. OMG~ at frrankies jessica kept stealing golf balls and we were walking on tha golf course and daniel went to tha hole in one thing and the balls were in tha hole so he reached in thurr and got them out it was so funi. yep well tat's all i have to say so later

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