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A Chick With Nothing Better To Do (b0mbdiggity) wrote,
@ 2003-07-05 13:34:00
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    Current music:Matchbox Twenty - "Unwell"

    Home sweet home.
    I'm back, I'm back, I'm back!

    Well. I'm not that excited about being back home, but you know.

    The vacation was FUN, kids. I enjoyed myself thoroughly, and I WASN'T BORED [bows down to vacation]. Six Flags is a great place, there's SO much stuff to do there, which is good, because we were there for 2 days. I think I went on all the rides - well, at least all the rollercoasters anyway, I'm not sure if I hit all the kiddie rides. It was great. Great, great, great. Almost better than Cedar Point, even. Woo.

    And, oh my gosh! The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! That's RIGHT up my alley, man. I loved it. LOVED. I was completely starstruck the ENTIRE time. And, DUDE. I TOUCHED MICHAEL JACKSON'S outfit from the BILLIE JEAN VIDEO (which, of course, was right next to the sign "please do not touch any artifacts")! Oh my goodness, I thought I was going die right then and there. I mean... AH! We're talking Michael frikkin JACKSON here.

    So, it was fun. I enjoyed myself, I wasn't bored, Joslyn and I got along great, DAD and I got along great. It went as well as it possibly could have, so. Thumbs up!

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