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A Chick With Nothing Better To Do (b0mbdiggity) wrote,
@ 2003-06-27 16:14:00
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    Current mood: bored
    Current music:Michelle Branch - "Empty Handed"

    One of these days I won't be afraid of staying with you.
    Joslyn is STILL mad at me. And, I STILL have no idea why. I hope this doesn't keep up, I can't stand the thought of not being on speaking terms with Joz during dinner with Dad tonight. Blah.

    Anyway, Alan just dropped by because he was on his way to Roseville Library, and he knew that Joz had some books from there that need returning. We couldn't find the books, however, so Alan just hung around, and showed me his dad's car, which usually I wouldn't be very interested in, but! You should have SEEN the music system on that sucker. Woo! I was jealous, and don't even have my liscense yet.

    So then we took advantage of that fact that Joslyn wasn't home (because she screamed at us last time we suggested doing this, because Alan's obviously not my parent, and I obviously don't have my permit, and blah blah), and Alan let me drive his dad's car around Hatherly's parking lot. It was fun, a lot more relaxed than when Dad takes me driving, blah.

    So. That's the extent of the excitement today. Ah. I WANT TO DO SOMETHING FUN! My friends are suprisingly BORING this summer. Blah on them!

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