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azhoniB (aznhonib) wrote,
@ 2004-05-24 02:58:00
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    Current mood: loved
    Current music:"the reason" the real hoobastank

    i know no one reads this...but if you SPEAK UP i like to hear comments!! dammit
    this weekend was a none of the less a good one considering that my rent came back from sin city broke and filled with bottle opener keychains and ooh place mats......well that was the highlight from thursday nite....friday went to dinner at chili's *don't go there unless you want unsettling gas* then off to tiffers house for a LTC drunk nite...oh you know its good nite when you see old naked people skinny dipping and your hostess drunk of her high ass.....lemme just say tiff you throw the best parties ever!! it was great seeing everyone agian...minus katie cause she went to a concert in PA pics where taken and drinks where drankin....sat was a slow day, my sis and uncle went to a comic convention and i didn't go cause my ass was too tired to get up and function so i stayed home for the rest of the day....

    and sunday was a the day to spend with the boyfriend....we wanted to go to south street but we took my knee into consideration and opted to stay at his house...which was a sweltering make even better his roomate and his band where playing...they killed the reason by hoobastank made my ears bleed....and these where the same guys that sounded really good at neumann that one nite...had some chinese food...watched some wild boys and inferno and hung out with john ryan his gf steph lauren some girl i forget her name and a dude that i forgot his too hehe

    but yeah on the way home we had this talk about how nuts my parents are bout certain things dating and going out...basically ian hates every aspect of what my dad does to me...which is baby me beyound control...but he can't help it that he a traditonal man and doesn't want to see me get hurt agian but needs to realize that i'm 20 and i'm mature enough to take care of myself and needs to back of just a tad bit and lay off this CURFEW BULLSHIT...its hard for him to loosen up cause really i've been his baby girl other than cassie but i'm the oldest and he can't cope with the idea of his own daughter date even though he played dad in several cases regaurding my female cousins that are older than i and worse case senarios to deal with...but really i'm wise enough not to pull anything like that...i'm just happy enough that they don't discrimminate on who i date....but ian really wants to put up an arguement with them just to prove his point about them letting go....and i would like to point out that he would lose miserably...sorry honey

    reason why this topic of discussion came up was that he is going back to ny for a good 2-3 visit his dad and friends and i guess from go to new hampshire to see his mom and sister....and he wanted me to go with him....seriously i would LOVE to do that, but my rents would merely laugh about this idea and say thinking is that we've only been together for about a month now and more of a trust issue on him...and thats not enough for them to think its a good idea to go with cause for the month of june we prolly won't see much of each other or not even at all....cause when he comes back from ny i'm off to cali..unless my knee acts to the idea of not celebrating my birthday with him and the LTC...

    like i said previously in my last entry...i really genuinely like ian....i found my match in the sense on who's lazier, more smartass, and i can relate humor with part i know he genuinely likes me for me...cause i'm a major lameass...sometimes he can act like an asshole but he's a guy its expected but he does have his sweetheart moments...he's more or less warming up to PDA's which is fine with me...i'm in no hurry to rush anything....i'm just gonna go with it...hey at least we pass his four week cut off with his previous ex-gfs....haha its a sad achivement but its better than nothing at all

    ahh on this note i'm off to bed and my cpm machine...wee 45 degrees down 45 more to go!!


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