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Aya (ayacakes) wrote,
@ 2003-01-29 17:27:00
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    Blurty wouldn't let me post last night, so I posted my entry in my LJ and saved it for today... hopefully this will post:

    Took state-testing thingy today. TAKS. I don't know WHY we had to take it, as it didn't count and we weren't supposed to have to take any tests today, but GAG ME. Boring. I wrote the entire essays (topic: Why is a positive outlook important in life?) on why taking pointless tests should be looked at positively lest they drive you to further insanity and force you to do bodily harm to the teacher in charge of the testing... funfun!

    LotR Calendar Picture de Jour:
    Yesterday (28 Jan): Aragorn walking in snow... *yum*
    Today (29 Jan): Frodo and Sam walking up to Bag End

    I need to do my homework sometime in the near future... And start filling out courses! Debating between Macro Economics AP and French V AP... And US Govt vs. US Govt AP... And Physics AP or Calculus AB AB? THE CHOICES!!! *whacks stupid school for offering shit that interests me*


    Samikins' new icon is roxie. :) I'm making nice icons, but I want the stupid software so I can make them ANIMATED!! o.o

    Yes, I am hyper. I am bored. Beware.

    Blurty is being a bitch and won't let me post this. Rar.

    Today's post:
    Decided to take Media. The media lab is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING from what I've heard, and part of the course is on screenwriting and directing!! *squees* I still have one more class to choose... Calc. AB AP or French V AP... or something else all together?

    Siblings x4 have just decided to barge into my room to borrow my Lilo and Stitch DVD. As I do not trust multiple young people running around with my precious DVD, I must go watch it with them... PUDGE CONTROLS THE WEATHER.

    *eats more sugar before dinner*

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