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**Lauren** (axeeffect) wrote,
@ 2003-12-09 19:10:00
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    Current mood: depressed
    Current music:Brand New- Okay I believe you but my tommy gun dont

    hey...yeah this day sucked...probably just bc i have so much to do these last 2 weeks and getting just a tad had driving lesson today (my last...hopefully) and that always puts me in a bad mood. im so depressive sry bout that. but the good things that happened today: ROLLING STONES came (the magazine) and my favorite band for the time being (i know it changes every day but o well...) which is BRAND NEW was the #1 Emo record of 2003 according to RS. yea! hopefully they wont blow up though ...that would be annoying. i just got a brand new (to clarify--that is a band not the state of the shirt) shirt although i cant wear it til i get it as a present. and mi madre also got me a mest shirt (yeah i know...i dont listen to them that must anymore but i couldnt think of anything else when i was on the phone with her and the nirvana shirt there was too damn big). but i have so many band shirts that i never wear....linkin park, afi, gc (yeah right...i will NEVER wear that again) along with a level 27 shirt, New Found Glory ( yeah...i wear that one...hehe...our mic is your mic!), counting crows, and now brand new and mest...but ill wear brand new..o AND i ordered a blink shirt in the mail cause it was only 6 dollars dude! plus the cover of their latest cd is on it and that is really cool looking. haha. o and for chanukah my mom got me CARE BEAR shoelaces...hell yeah... i love what i get excited over. its great. o another good thing that happened--i wanted a calender for 2004 to keep up with shit and one was in the rolling stones...can we say worth the money for subscription....i think so! well im out for now but if i get bored i may writein this thing again tonite...then u will truly know how sad my life is...**sigh** peace

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