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**Lauren** (axeeffect) wrote,
@ 2003-11-29 01:15:00
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    Current mood: awake
    Current music:incubus (morning view)

    HEY GUYS...or like the one person who reads this. SO today i went to see LOVE ACTUALLY with the family. the family being my brother, parents, grandparents on my fathers side, my two cousins, and my aunt and uncle. I always end up going to the R rated movies with my family...and i usually regret i did this time...although i loved the movie... but um if uve seen it u know... but you know, when the NUDE GIRL GIVING SOME GUY HEAD (well she was like not really doin it but she was filming it ..hard to explain...but yes she was really nude and the guy was too) came up...i started to think...hmm this is a tad uncomfortable...just a tad. and my g-ma was just in the hospital for her smoking (lung infection) and as soon as shes home she begins to smoke again (smart i know) but she decides to take the precaution in the movie theatre of putting a mask over her face (like the ones that doctors use) it was quite hilarious. sometimes my family just makes me laugh. then we went to cheeburger cheeburger... i want another one of those BIG IS BETTER cups but i didnt take one tonite... those rock. and their cherry/vanilla cokes kick ass. then me and my bro were gonna go to rugged warehouse (dont know if thats how u spell warehouse) but my brother gets lost and of course I'M the worthless one....anyway that didnt happen bc he got pissed...and we ran a red light...i really dont remember ever doing that b4..i was fucking scared on the way home though bc he didnt have his glasses so he tells me he cant see...WONDERFUL...but i lived. o and today b4 the movie i had to sit through (or stand thru as the case may be) 2 fucking hours of my bro trying on clothes...and i sware its so boring i do NOT care if he gets the blue shirt or black one... cmon what guy takes two hours to shop for ben sherman shirts? sigh. and after all that he got a short sleeve shirt (one) and no long sleeve shirts which was the ultimate goal... fucking waste of time dude. so now onto thanskgiving....great holiday...nice brother wants to change the tradition...(food wise) like maybe milo's or something, and i thought i did too until i realized i love all the stuff except for the turkey. anyway...sometimes i visit this elderly man...hes like 95 ...bc im a good volunteer and citizen like that...and he came to thanksgiving...imagine this: a 95 yr old man, 4 foot 10 at the tallest, completely hunched over, bright red jacket, red vest under that, red hat on, skinny,jewish, and a lil scotch in his system....did i mention he plays the fiddle ...A LOT. so yeah after dinner he starts to play...which was amusing to our family for about 2 songs (well it never entertained me but the rest of the family)...but then he goes on until he finishes the tape that he is playing with cousins and uncle then exited and escaped in time...the rest of us...not so lucky...he picks up another tape... "o this one has 50 songs" he then pops it in...and plays the music so loudly...we try to turn it down...but he gets up and turns it up so loud...each of us are sighing and holding our heads with escruciating (sp?) pain....but eventually (an eternity later) my mother tells eddie (the man) that she has to leave to go visit my g-ma in the hospital (which she did) ...and that was the end of that...if i never hear a fiddle again in my life it will be too soon but im thinking ...come next yr it will happen again (as it did the yr b4 this one)...sigh...

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