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An actor in LA?? No... (avalon5825) wrote,
@ 2003-07-18 03:15:00
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    Fucked up
    My roommates's [who has an LJ...but who's nickname I will not give since we promised not to read each other's journals] sister is in town from New York [Columbia University]. We decided to take her to Sunset for some fun tonight.

    Sunset sucked. It was a Thursday, a night we aren't usually accustomed to going out. We went to DUBLIN'S...which sucked. And then we went to MIYAGI'S...which sucked. So, after a bit, I decided to attend a goodbye party for a friend of mine who works at my sometimes-restaurant job. It was at a dive place with lots of ghetto I figured it would be fun.

    It turns out, the alcohol was as expensive as any club. I spent $20 on 4 a fucking DIVE BAR IN LA! *grumble, grumble, grumble* But, we all had a good time drinking and laughing and booty-dancing. UNTIL!!!!!!!

    One girl from work has apparently had a beef with another girl at work. Now, the girl she had the beef with was drunk-as-shit when I got there. I didn't know this, though, until she was grinding all over me and licking my face. I told her "as much as I'd LOVE to take you home, you are FAR too drunk for me to even flirt with you. I'm here to make sure you're okay." Apparently, she took offense to this, and would grind against me for a few moments sporadically throughout the night until I told her again "I'd love to...but I can't." Damn me and my 19th-century morals!!!!

    Towards the end of the night, this girl who had a beef with her NAILED her...punched her in the fucking face...and gave her a black eye. So, we had this huge plan going over driving her home. My friend, Melinda, was driving me in the first place. So I offered for the black-eyed girl to come home with me and lock herself in my she could sleep in a bed with an alarm clock and a TV...and I'd sleep on my couch. But apparently, she didn't trust me and pushed me away and damned near HIT ME IN THE FACE when I said this. Everybody else who was sober knew I was being serious...but apparently this girl doesn't trust me. Now, I know she was drunk...but even drunk, you have SOME judgement...and it REALLY fucking offended me to know she didn't trust me. I was pissed.

    But in the end, we made sure she got home okay...even though I had to forcefully PICK HER UP [she's 6'0 tall, BTW] and PUT HER IN A CAR....but I was still offended. Maybe I'm being to sensitive. But as somebody who counts my FRIENDS as my really sucks. It just served to remind me how alone I am in LA and how much I need some people in my life to share my heart with.

    Apparently...tonight's theme was: "Fuck you, Dave. You don't mean shit to me."

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