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Lana (austere_azure) wrote,
@ 2003-01-22 21:15:00
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    Current mood: cold
    Current music:BBMak - Back Here

    So this is what it feels like to hate yourself..
    I dislike everything. I don't like 2nd semester so far. I don't have any classes with Lindsey or Heather. I don't have things with people that I have fun with. The people I do have classes and lunch with ARE my friends, but it's just not as enjoyable. I miss 1st semester. I miss Lindsey. I miss Heather. I miss Jeremy. I miss having Adam in both of my lunches. I miss.. everything. Everything except Careers and Stats class. Even those were tolerable because I had friends that I talked to and chilled with. Now, it's empty.

    I'm working on getting over Adam. I think that it'll be slighty easier now that I don't see him as often, but then again.. I still like him very much. It's just so complicated!! Why can't it be easier?! Maybe then I'd be in a better mood! UGH!

    Tomorrow my sister and I are going to the Y. We're working out. I really think I need to. These past two months have made me very unhealthy. I'm going in and out of depression like crazy and it's not good for me. I've got poor circulation and I need a healthy support system if I want a first in ISSMA. Ugh.. I just wish I didn't feel so.. pudgy. Stupid PMS! It's making me retain water and get all bloated.

    Well, I'm ready to do some homework and be miserable some more. *sigh*

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