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Lana (austere_azure) wrote,
@ 2003-07-18 13:17:00
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    Well.. WHO hasn't been posting??
    I have smelled a lot of gross things, and I tell ya.. cat shit is fricking STINKY!! Next in the list would be cat food.. Ew!! How can they eat that crap?! The tuna doesn't smell as bad as the beef and liver though.. Oh well.. either way, I still love my little Bennie boo boo..

    To all the girls who have not watched "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days," YOU MUST!! It's SO funny!! I swear, Kate Hudson puts Matthew McConaghey (sp?) through SO much crap.. She named his penis "Princess Sophia!" I mean.. GEEZ!! That must've made him feel like [ ] this tiny.. literally. It was fairly good.. for a chick flick. ;-)

    I'm going to the movies with Jonathon and his two ex-girlfriends in an hour. Eesh.. just eesh. That's going to be rather.. uncomfortable. I'm just a friend, but TWO ex-girlfriends in one place.. not a good thing. Well, that's usually the case, but I don't know. Maybe it'll work out. I'm getting rather tired of how Jonathon ALWAYS talks about how "stupid" he is whenever he's around me. Really... WTF? Does he really feel that inferior to my intelligence? He told me before that he was afraid of being my friend because I was so smart and he thought I would treat him like crap. HELLO?!! Does everybody think I'm some sort of pretentious snob? I may be an asshole, but I would NEVER treat a person like crap just because they "not as good as I am."

    Everyone is smarter than they let on, and Lindsey is a prime example. Sometimes I wish I could be that "quiet snob" that everybody knew in the 5th grade. I hate being a ditz and then having to listen to rude comments such as "are you sure your nature hair color isn't blond?" Sorry, but Chinese hair come in shades of black and brown only. *rolls eyes* Sometimes I feel that the price of having friends isn't really worth what you're losing.. with the exception of some friends who don't care that I'm a boring web designer who likes archaeological documentaries and astronomy. *winks* Basically, the people who are reading this entry to begin with.

    Oh well.. I think I'll go get ready for the movies. At least I'll have a Rice Krispies treat. That should keep me somewhat happy.. if a chick fight breaks out.

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