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Katie (aurgh) wrote,
@ 2003-06-12 08:50:00
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    Current mood:aggravated

    Ok ok only read under the cut if u wanna hear about my gross mutated face.

    OK, so this morning i wake up and run my hand against my forehead, it feels all weird and spiky, and then i go to the mirror and freak myself out big time, my forehead is all white, cracked and broken. This kinda makes me feel sick so i quickly run into the bathroom and put after-sun on it (this is when i also notice that my nose is looking very similar), but sum of the skin has already cracked off, so my skin is patchy brown and pale. I thought that it looked gross but at least it wasnt flaking off anymore until the cream immediatly dried and my forehead and nose looked exactly the same again.
    I was getting very worried (ive never been sunburnt on my face b4 :S) until i thought that there was a way i could just get all the skin off then! Body scrub! So i scrubbed my face and nose lots and lots until all the skin fell off and 'phew' i was fine. Gah, until the new skin dried. My forehead and nose are FUCKING killing me, they are stinging like anything and i dont know what to do. I also look worse than when i started, i have patched of pink new skin on my forhead and my nose...well, its the reddest its ever been.
    I hurt so damn much. And i look discusting. I wish i wasnt so vain, or i would have never got myself into this painful stinging situation!

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