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atheihei (atheihei) wrote,
@ 2011-12-06 18:41:00
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    Fashionable new tricks jewelry
    That is still living in Antwerp European deserve to bring Heaven Tanudiredja world design rookie of the 2012 chun xia series, using exaggerated eye took large deserve to do. With the colour of flowery rivets, bead piece, the material such as crystal ornament gives dye-in-the-wood individual links of london rings character. The each one works are as art ornate Heaven Tanudiredja except necklaces, earrings, and so on the common jewelry, but also have large "armor" accessories, with the luxurious manual nail bead technology perfect show women unique charm.
    Diamond in the snow and ice flashed in Links London Watches the world, artistic bunches of flowers platinum color in the cold winter quietly "bloom"............. Not busy red, also not be lovely bell or exciting gift box, a bill (De Beers), with a pure platinum like ice and snow and diamond to portray the Christmas season another amorous feelings one time.
    Pear-shaped diamonds six disc of snow, and small pearl ornament meantime; Wildflowers series of flowers diamond ring, pendant earrings and Y glyph long necklace, like bath after the snow and ice flower waterfalls. Party season approaching, have seen so many colour profusion, model of the sweetie bracelet new season after the party that grabs an eye, wear, bill (De Beers) "snow world" will bring you a points quiet quiet and tastefully laid out?
    Vera Wang marriage gauze is all girls dream of, that Vera Wang wedding ring? Vera Wang to circle all girl romantic dream wedding, special launched a few diamond ring. This a few fashion collection all girl ring's favorite, and won't let you move unceasingly?
    Diamonds are a girl's best links of london friend. That's right! But some are too cheesy. Diamond will let people appear exalted. That's right! But some are too cheesy. However, the following several kinds of small things come but exceptions, is costly and cute, don't Philistine also don't PinQi, has the effect of cure.
    Will brooch in belt or hat don't-why not? Ask Diana Vreeland (Diana-fritz LAN)-famous fashion editor! As a VOGUE magazine in 1971, she is responsible for the links of london charm column published in Harper 's Bazaar. Because want to wear, want to innovation, want a refreshingly new wishes-this is the basic fundamental principles wearing jewelry.

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