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atheihei (atheihei) wrote,
@ 2011-11-26 22:17:00
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    Titanium jewelry astonishing color
    Many Italian gem stylist to tell a reporter, in the modern jewelry design circle, titanium has become more and more popular, the main reason is that it than gold rare precious metals light weight and much much cheaper prices.
    Titanium appearance like steel, with links of london silver grey sheen, had been mistaken for a rare metal, actually in the earth's crust of abundant reserves. It strength, density is small, hardness, high melting point, corrosion resistance is strong, have a good plasticity. The same volume of titanium weight equivalent to a quarter of the gold.
    Milan, Italy, o gem stylist lacy's Ann SaErDi said, weight equal titanium and than gold, bigger, so she can design more surface area of jewelry, this let links of london pendants titanium become big earrings made the "ideal metal".
    Jewelry designer Marty and ยท cut in titanium jewelry design in Los Angeles field go in front. He said that, as a result of light weight, titanium in making large jewelry obvious advantages, gradually get gem stylist favour. "At the moment we jewelry of titanium jewelry of 5% to 10% of the total amount, but there is no doubt that it soon will be increased to double digits."
    Stylist thinks, the jewelry design links of london earrings industry to strengthen the use of titanium is global use new materials "big trend" part of this trend can be regarded as precious metals prices continue to soar to people of some kind of response.
    From the northern Italian designer vicenza Barbara ur Dan carrizo said, using new materials industry design of increasingly keen interest in jewelry, people on links of london UK the jewelry the understanding and the understanding is tend to multiple, "no longer and expensive jewelry elements tied together".
    The designer of the loving another reason is a titanium, titanium through electrochemical machining can present after profusion colour, from blackish green to purple, often let a person shine at the moment. Stylist method in the cloth all he says, with gold jewelry, color friendship bracelets options are limited, the architect was imprisoned in yellow, white, and red colours, and with titanium making jewelry, stylist can get a "breathtaking colors."
    Cut los said, compared with other traditional gem raw materials, processing of titanium surface can present "and bold and unrestrained colour", help designer to break the traditional limitations, expand innovation space.

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