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Heroin Laura (asxetookmystash) wrote,
@ 2003-05-15 22:46:00
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    Okay...I'm too lazy to make this journal pretty like my deadjournal was it's kinda sad so plain and boring and all of that shit. I like deadjournal a lot more than this but whatever.

    I've decided to take a haitus from deadjournal for a few days. So that means I'll probably be writing in this a lot more if I can remember that I'm not using DJ, haha.

    Yeah. This weekend will be uneventful or so it seems right now. The prom is this weekend but I was invited because im a dirty froshy. -.-' i was invited to crash an after party though. I was gonna bring alcohol and get really wasted and smoke a bowl or two and all that good shit but my mom's changing her mind or some shit. It's wierd.

    Anyways i'm pretty boring as you'll soon find out- I hate drama. Which also makes me life even more boring. But rama irritates me so I guess for me it's okay.
    I dont even know what I'm talking about no one reads this piece of shit anyways.

    The week went by really quickly. Today was an alright day until about half an hour ago. Did all my homework, had an extremely unproductive softball practice and rolled a fabulous joint and smoked it outside in the amazing weather. Mm it was so smooth. oh man. i <3 marijuana.

    i want a serious boyfriend who's hot and all that good stuff. And age. Marc just turned 18 I still haven't ripped up the courage to break up with him. I'm upset by myself.

    Well the past few minutes have been incredibly shitty. I keep fucking up peoples lives and...yeah I'm not even going to get into that. As I said before- I hate drama.

    So I'm out to watch futurama and family guy.

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