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When you lOve me, you maKe me perfect. (asl0versgo) wrote,
@ 2005-04-14 18:45:00
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    Current mood: flirty
    Current music:ryan c- "echo park"

    now that everything is clear, everything falls apart...
    so..i haven't updated in a little bit..everything has been ok lately. prom is soo soon and i'm so excited. i can't wait. i have everything but a purse. ha thats excellent. my dress is being fixed as i type and hopefully it will turn out ok. hmm..

    last weekend the parents went away. it was great..friday i had work and it was THE BEST because KRISTINA OWENS was back..although not working by my side.. :( was still awesome to have her there..after work me n k-mama went out and got PANCAKES and FRENCH TOAST at a diner near her house..and we saw owens' whole gang there..mindy, gina..etc, was a good time.. then saturday i hung out with fran alll was very fun, she's a cool girl and i'm glad we get along soo well..then saturday after work kristina came over and we started havin some reallll fun.. ;)..then ry and all his friends came home from the concert they went to and we all we're just was muy fun though. i had work the next day and it was slow and boring so..yeah that was last weekend. i don't think that this weekend will beat it but..thats ok, cuz prom weekend is 2 weeks from tomorrow!!!!!!!!! ahh!! should be awesome. ok well thats quite enough for now..

    i wish that i wasn't a fool. oh, i am such a fool.

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