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Ash (ashtai) wrote,
@ 2004-03-14 09:43:00
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    Current mood: drained
    Current music:Angel: The Series Theme Song

    By The Gods...
    Oh My Goddess. I have never felt so tired and drained in my entire life. I slept for 10 hours even, but its like all the energy has been zapped out of me for no reason.

    Went to a christain chruch last night, so Kristine would not have to feel out of place all alone.
    She owes me big time though. I have never felt so akward and judged in my life, by most of the people there.
    One boy even asked me if i believed in God. Me and Kristine replyed "No coment"
    He asked me again later and I said. "There are other Gods besides the Christain God"
    Then he said something along the lines f he was not trying to pressure us and he was sorry.
    I think its wrong though Barbra forces all the kids to go.

    *shudders* But I got so many judging looks from most of the adults. I think it was because though i had a small pentagram drawn on my hand. I sure as rain was not wearing my silver pentagram there, hidden under my shirt or not. I am not out of the broom closet yet. only two people know, Kristine and Tracie. Kristine is practices Wicca too i'm pretty sure, and Tracie repects it, and even asked some questions that I answered, and she is cool with it.

    Gah, but also felt so drained there, like everyone was draining me of my enery. Thankfully I went to the bathroom then me Kristine, and Nikki just hung out in a classroom for an hour, before looking back in for the last 20 mintues.
    Then Kristine fell asleep on my shoulder.

    *sighs* i just dont know whats wrong with me and chruches. I know i should not be there, because I feel like I'm...guess tresspassing because I dont believe in there God, and i beleive in The Goddess and God.
    Though there is one place of worship i know i could spent others in if i was alone. That would be like catherdels, like Notra Dame.
    They have also, I dont know...gave me a certain feeling, like I have been there before, and knew them really well.

    Other chruches just, either dont faze me at all and is just a building I'm respectful of.
    Also I guess I feel out of place because, everyone there has such a feeling of...something.
    And all i know its like your wearing raincoat and it just all slides off, and does not effect me as all. And I just clap respectfully.
    But I dont think i need to pretend to be something I'm not.
    Oh also Davud kept flirting with me, and i thought Kristine was about ready to explode.
    She really needs to learn to just ingnore him like i do.

    Me: *i'm walking out of the door*
    David: *grins* I love you
    Me: Thats nice *walk out the door and on my merry way following Kristine out into the hall way*

    See how simple that is? I know i do.
    Also spent the night down at her house. *gasps* yes i know i do leave the house and talk to people once in awhile.
    We stayed up till 10:00 pm talking about spagitti, french bread, gralic bread, fried chicken, tacos, and fries.
    *shrugs* i have no idea why, we were not even hungry.

    ^_^ also she talks in her sleep.
    Kristine: *Sits up and raises her hand* Damn The Lord! *rolls over and goes back to sleep*
    Kristine: *15 mitnues later, mumles somethings* David!
    Me: *looks over at her and says in desbeilf so she may think my voice is part of her dream* what?
    Kristine: That bitch!!!! *turns over at falls back alseep*

    bwahahahahaha!!!! ^^ it was so funny.
    Also, she ended up hugging me like i was her tigger pillow but I thumped her on the head, and then threw tigger at her so she rolled over went to sleep. Then she hit me the chin too 2 hours later
    I think everytime one of us spends the night, she ends up almost pushing me out the bed, steals the blanket, hits me, and mistakes me for her pillow.
    I jacked her pillow though at 5:00 am to get back at her, bwahhahahahahahahaha!!!

    *yawns* other then that, my mental energy is just gone...and i am drained for no real reason at all...

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