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Alabaster Ashley (ashley777) wrote,
@ 2003-08-08 11:14:00
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    Current mood: loved
    Current music:evanescence

    i haven't written here in forever
    it's hard to remember to post everything from my LJ into here lol.

    lets see what's happened since the last time i posted..

    friday night i hadda babysit so i stayed in my pajamas all day til like 9 pm when i took a shower and put on different pajamas lol.

    saturday the one guy from LOH emailed me asking why i didn't like them and he called himself uncle jesse cuz i posted on the mDf board saying he looked like uncle jesse from full house. then i went school clothes shopping. i got some jeans and a ton of shirts. saturday night, paul,tia,and i went to the mall for a bit then we dropped tia off at her gram's and he and i went to rita's and then to wal-mart to look for stuff for his apartment that he's getting in like 2 weeks..

    sunday i went down tia's gram's and we "jammed" haha. tia wrote 2 rockin songs. and i talked to brian from cyphilis and he gave us ed's number so we could call and ask if he'd take us to soundwaves. then we went inside and made scrambled eggs with ham and bacon bits lol. then tia called and and he said he'd take us to soundwaves. a little after that she called small paul and they chatted.. aww!! lol. then paul came down and hung out with us.. i love every minute i get to spend with him. me and tia had a mcdonald's picnic on the floor and then it started storming hardcore lol. the power went out for a while.. it came back later on and then paul left.

    monday, i sat online all day cuz i didn't have to babysit and then my mom came hom, got ready, we picked up tia then we went to k-mart and wal-mart. we got stuff to make our BB/mDf shirts for the show on the 21st, but we didn't make them. we got mcdonald's and had a picnic on my porch while we waited for paul to come down. he brought us our ozzfest tickets.. he's awesome! :0) and he hung out here for a while lol. me and tia planned on going to bed by 11:30.. it was 12:30 and i was still online. at 2:30 tia asked me if i had any gum haha.. we were asleep at 3.

    tuesday, we were up at 6.. we had 3 hours of sleep lol. tuesday morning we find out ed's leaving cyphilis as soon as they find a new bass player.. that dampened our spirits for the morning. we got up to montage at like 9:30 and we missed killswitch engage.. most of the second stage bands were really good. we met 7 of them. i got the guys from hotwire's autographs for paul cuz he likes them. we hung out with bill for the majority of the day. i hadn't seen him since school so it's been awhile. greg was there so we talked to him for a bit and we met julia from uranium on fuse (formerly muchmusic) it rained then it poured. paul texted me at like 4:30 telling me he had seats right by ours! :0) that made me happy. he got there half-way thru marilyn manson's set.. wow that set was something else haha. after the show we hung out in the parking lot with the rock 107 folks. they're funny haha. i think i met paul's one boss 5 times that night lol.

    wednesday, i babysat from 2-4 then i went to tia's gram's cuz ed was picking us up there at 4:30 to go to soundwaves. he got there and he went and talked to nick while brian talked to us. then we went to his apartment for a little bit. then we were on our way. he's such a nice guy haha. the show was good.. it's gonna be so sad when he leaves the band. we were about to leave and his car died. so we went back inside to watch the dead leaves. he came in after a bit and we were about to leave when the car died again. this time we sat outside and waited haha. fun times. so the car finally works and we're on our way home. tia and i are starving and ed asks if we want to stop somewhere but we said no cuz we didn't want the car to die again haha. paul texted me.. he's such a sweetie! a while later we stopped at a quick-e-mart but he left the car running.. tia and i got pop tarts and sprite like always. i got home around 11:40. i talked to paul for a bit then i went to bed.

    thursday, i did nothing all day. paul came down and picked me up around 6:30-7 and we went back to his house. i met his sister then we went in his room and watched slc punk. i love that movie.. it was a good time.. :0) haha. then we hit traffic on the way home.. then i got home and talked to him online for a bit. he's the best.. tia called me and we chatted too. i went to bed after tia and i got off the phone.

    today me and tia are going to the movies i think. sometimes i feel like i dont hang out with her as much as i used to.. i dunno. i hope she doesn't think i'm drifting away cuz i hang out with paul a lot anymore.. i'm going to cape may on tuesday and i'm coming home friday.. ugh. lol. paul's going away this week too so it works out. next friday tia and i are heading down to good ol cafe metropolis to check out the norma jean show. it's been so long since i've been to metro. it should be a fun time!!

    well i think i've covered everything.... bye!!

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