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AshFurnace (ashfurnace) wrote,
@ 2004-10-04 20:58:00
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    Current mood: jubilant
    Current music:Losing Streak - The Ataris

    There's nothing like this parking lot and seeing the stars in the morning
    Working has been sucking a lot lately. I don't actually mind being there, I mostly mind going there and not being here. I hate getting up before 9 on Sunday's, my Sunday's and Wednesday's are shot because of it and I feel bad cuz people always call me to work extra day's and I have turned them all down every single time. On top of that something is always broken or someone is in a pissed off mood. I honestly don't mind the job but I'd rather be here. We'll see what happens.

    This weekend is our four day break but I think I will stay here till Sunday. I have a paper due next week and I can finish it since I will have the suite to myself. Jenna is staying too and I always have my Clarkson friends to hang out with.

    I had a really good weekend, well starting Thursday. Maybe the best one this semester, I know I know, I say that every weekend but I love it here. Now I understand why I get depressed over the summer's, because being here is a lot better. Thursday night me and Elijah picked up Dan and Eric from Clarkson and they came over to watch Survivor and they taught us how to play Euchre. We watched a movie and just hung out and they were gonna leave around 2 and we were running around the hallways being loud and dumb and the RA yelled at us. They started to leave but then called us 1/2 hour later wanting to come back. So they stayed the night and we stayed up till 6ish which wasn't smart because Eric and I had class at 10 which we both ended up missing.

    Friday Elijah went to Kyle's and the guys across the hall went to Montreol and my Zeta girls went to BT which I don't really like so I went out with Sarah and the Clarkson guys. Eric, Sarah, Chris and me went up to Canadian Mike and Bob's room then a bunch of us crammed in my car. Chris got in my trunk, it was funny shit. We ended up going to Brahn's house for a bit but it was kind of bad so we went to Clarkson so Devon could get beer. On the way to Clarkson we saw a bunch of deer so Dan and computer Chris chased them and Dan said he touched a hoof but he is a big liar. We came back here and played Kings, it was a lot fun. I'm so excited to know people that love Weezer so all of the Irish kids sung Pinkerton songs for a while. So many people slept in here, Dan in Elijah's bed, Computer Chris in my bed, Devon on the floor, Chris and Sarah in her bed and me and Eric on the futon. They stayed till around 4 on Saturday and I took them back to Clarkson and hung out there for a while.

    Me, Missi, Eric, and Chris went to 61 Elm on Saturday night. I told everyone I was going for really drunk and I definately achieved it. It was the quarter rule that kicked my ass. I had gotten a pitcher of beer for my beirut game and Louis put a quarter in it, dumbass. People keep telling me funny shit I did and I can't help but laugh at me. I guess me and Eric and some unidentified person kept singing punk songs really loud the whole night. We got back here around 3:30 and even tho Dan didn't come out with us he still loves me a lot and wanted to sleep over so he came over but I was already passed out. The worst part is that I had to be up before 9 to work on Sunday. I found a random tea cup on my desk which doesnt belong to me. Missi told me Eric found it in the bathroom and "brought me tea". I think I was still drunk for the first few hours of work but I wouldn't have changed anything. So we've known Dan and Eric for 8 days and Eric's slept here 4 times and Dan 3. haha I'm happy we met all those Clarkson kids, they rock pretty hard.

    A couple things at home having kind of been on my mind lately. I'm not gonna say what they are becuase that's what I do. Whatever really matters to me is too important for blurty. Sorry to all of you that are religious Ashlee blurty readers to keep you in the dark. I just don't know though. I don't think many people understand they way I look at things and analyze certain situations but I have certain morals and convictions. Well it's pretty pointless for me to keep talking about it.

    Alright I think that's enough. Have fun

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