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AshFurnace (ashfurnace) wrote,
@ 2004-09-13 14:36:00
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    Current mood: chipper
    Current music:Onto Morning Stars - Anatomy of a Ghost

    I Wish I would Never Hurt Again
    So another weekend at Potsdam state has been concluded and it as always was a good one. Jigga And Dennis came over on Friday to pick up some flyers and newspaper articles I had written for the press kit for Miscaif. Jigga tried to help me with my computer since it is being dumb lately and scanned it with adaware and found over 6000 files. It's still not working that well so he might come back today. It was good to see him, I guess I didn't realize over the summer since I didn't see him at all how much I like to hang out with him.

    After he left a bunch of us from around the hall pregamed in here. That is my favorite tradition. Our room is the shit. I was also excited because I found someone else with the red cheek curse and that's Jenna from acorss the hall. We went to some random house party that we thought was Prometheous but I guess it wasn't. Kyle's friends from Tupper Lake came up so it was fun to hang out with them. I know some of them and I met others and I don't remember what their names are or anything. Oh well. I was drunk but not extremely. Me eli and kyle hung out mostly with Micha and Josh Trombley. They were a lot of fun to be around and at the same time I hated being around them. Confused? Josh kept calling me farter because when we slept in Kyle's room last year on the same mattress he said I farted on him and I soooo did not. Then some other story sprouted up and it changed to "Ashful Bashful", don't ask. We just hung out in Kyle's room for a while after thatand then Kyle and Josh came and slept in here since there was like 21478484 people sleeping in Kyle's room.

    Saturday we of course pregamed in here again but we decided to try bicardi limon since we usually get vodka. Whew, that made us all pretty drunk. We went to Irv's and that was not fun so we walked to Jeremy Couch's apartment. He promised me and Eli on friday night if we didn't leave his house really drunk than he would refund our money. This weekend was the 541 reunion so we saw Deuce and Nate. Evan was there too and I talked to him for awhile. Jenna, em eli, kyle and steph left together to walk home. We were all very drunk this night and I remember me and Jenna holding each other up than we both fell down somehow. Elijah felt left out so she fell on top of us. It was funny shit. We got back here and went to the vending machine. For some reason me and Elijah started to wrestle and I fell down again literally smashing my head on the brick floor. It hurt sooo bad. I hate her now and I will kick her ass when she is least expecting it. I went to bed around 3 and woke up before 9 to work a 10 hour shift, yeah I suck at life sometimes.

    Me Eli and Kyle are gonna go to some show at SLU to see Abbott Hayes and Monday Mourning. If anyone wants to go just im me. Pics from the weekend are posted on my webshots page, the link's in my info. The End

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