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***Loz*** (ashesinthewind) wrote,
@ 2003-03-18 21:46:00
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    Current mood: blah
    Current music:my bird is trying to say something, he'd better shut up soon

    Well Dundee is actually good at something ... hmm
    I just came back from an interview with Graham Stuart (the producer of Graham Norton) at the Dundee Arts Centre. I didn't know it was on tonight until Mr Goodwin happen to tell us "Oh yeah, by the way that DCA interview is tonight" ... oh gee thanks for the warning. I mean i could have had plans, I didn't get to see the jackass movie for a start, humph!! I met up with Zan and when we when to sign in to get our tickets, our names weren't on the list ... Thank you again Mr Goodwin!!!
    Anyway the interview was pretty funny so i'll let it slide. We found out that Dundee is the most successful place in Scotland for animation, cool!
    After the interview, we went to Tesco (the guys wanted to get some sweets) we were in there for ages ... hey Loz what did you do last night ... i spent most of it wondering aimlessly around Tesco. Great. Thanx.
    Jamie wanted for some reason to buy 12 easter eggs... "because he's never thought about doing that before". Oh joy. We managed to talk him out of it though ... he probably would have been mugged on the way home if he had bought them anyway.
    I'm gonna go get a coffee, it's the only thing that i can make just now. There is still no kitchen ... but we do have a new floor so there's a start. yaaaaaaaay!!!

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