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As Stars Align (as_stars_align) wrote,
@ 2003-07-14 08:33:00
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    Current mood: quixotic
    Current music:I need you like water in my lungs...

    my dad just called, i cant remember why now, but i asked him what to do about allison cuz she never called. and he said i needed to call her. he wants me to ask her about what clothes i need if i rush and stuff, then i asked if i decide not to rush, when would we go over he said still the 20th. he started getting all mad at me. i said bye and hung up. went back to my room, and havent been able to stop crying ever since. not cuz he got mad at me, i dont wanna go. and you know what? when i sat down at the computer to write this, cuz i need to get it off my mind, i immediately checked for david. and i started thinking i wanted to talk to him about it. i dont think i couold get any crazier. but hes been through it and i just wanted to ask him if it was hard for him to go too. and see what it was like, cuz all the people i know that are older than me that ive been friends with havent gone away to school. and david did, i know he came back but still he did the freshman year thing which seems to be the hardest part. i need to stop crying so i can get ready. im going to go think about something else. oh by the way RIGHT after i had that thought about david, i checked my list and he was on. but had an away message up. damnit.

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