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As Stars Align (as_stars_align) wrote,
@ 2003-07-08 21:51:00
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    Current mood: determined
    Current music:"I'm burning like a bridge for your body..."

    so the guy from the other night wont quit calling. the first time i said i wasnt home. the second time i said i was on the other line and i would call back. didnt even take the number down. tonight hes called like 5 times and i keep picking up and not saying anything, and he just keeps calling back. okay julian was alright he called a lot, but got the point when i said i would call back and didnt. julian i could have liked though, i met him at a show, he was at least somewhat into music. this guys was completely lame when it came to music. and hes kinda creepy. no guy ever gets my real number ever again. ever. so i was forced to call allison today. my dad wants me to take her on a lunch date, so shes supposed to call back sunday. i wish he wasnt making me do this. its akward and i have already decided against rushing. i dont want to go over there till the 23rd. i ended up emailing david back last night, earlier than i wanted to. he hasnt said anything yet. and knowing him he wont. hes nice till i ask abt shows, then he doesnt email back. he like doesnt want me there. well i dont care, im going regardless... i want marlon.

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