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Chi Chi (artspoken) wrote,
@ 2003-01-30 20:55:00
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    Wow yesterday my luck must've been in cupid's hand. First of all what is with all the touching that hazel eyez keeps making- I thought I died n went to heaven when he grabbed my wrist- he's driving me crazy. There's fire tween us and fire in his eyes but he knows i'm forbidden and I know I can't get with him... I think Imma stay away for awhile... maybe let it cool off a bit...I still haven't gotten paid what the fuck. BITCH GIMME MY MONEY - ha! then theres Ivan "Flipz". Man...his cologne could seduce Saddam wtf,guys like him shouldn't be allowed to shop near girls like me. and my mans went home n changed and got all jiggy and came back - breakdancers, bootleggers, and brooklyn crown heightz is what my day was filled w/ yesterday- Flipz was showin off his breakdancin pics and was obviously flirting but it's like sweetie im at work can't be mixing business with pleasure. I hope that this new job doesn't kill me workin 40 hrs a week plus school-
    then on the phone with Tito- what a sweetheart he makes me feel like im so funny- im not- what's with the violent xgurl? sliced him w/ a toothbrush? WTF ... GABE is GAY- a HOMO, like's it up the ass jus so everyone knows..
    Matt's still po'd- he keeps writing me these lengthy ass 'you'll be sorry" emails. I feel like telling him grow up and move past it and let it go. God i have never seen ayone take rejection so badly. I mean we barely touched the surface and he's wildin out- imagine if I actually pursued anythng- that is a can of worms i DO NOT wanna sniff or touch. And the boy went and lost his mind when he emailed the guiltless hoe talkin bout he is worried about me- WTF he needs t be worried about himself. And get HIS shit together- serving up huge dollops of advise that is unwanted- UGH now I know how guys feel when a chick is naggin them. --What a turn off-

    My hand keeps numbing I don't know whats wrong with it- the new joint by Ja called Murder Me- makes me think of Cisco #2- but shit happens for a reason and I know better than to get involved w/ someone who has so much control over my emotions- I wonder if the porn thing actually came through- imagine if he was in it- OMG

    About 7 months till my BDAY!!!!!!

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