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Sarah (artistforjesus) wrote,
@ 2003-11-24 02:31:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:the white stripes mix i made.....ooooh riiiight.

    my weekend
    although i started out my weekend crying my eyes out, it ended with a sore face from so much laughter. i had off on friday, so i got my rental car and chilled around here. then my friend tom came by and we watched Anger Management since he has never seen it. gotta love that jack! on saturday i worked from 2-1130 BLAH, but atleast i worked with nathan and he always makes it worth while. i swear he has the best laugh. after work i came back just in time to meet up with my friends to go out for melissa's 21st. things got a lil screwy, but we will make it up to her. i still ended up having a good night hanging out with erin, kevin and ralph. definately needed a night out. unfortunately b/c of my night out i couldnt get up for church today to save my life, so i was disappointed in myself for that, but i will get there soon enough. the Lord knows my heart.

    then to end my weekend off with a bang, jared ended up coming to visit. i have to say that i havent laughed that hard in months and it felt so good. we went out for a bit then came back to watch Beetlejuice (classic) and the Animatrix since he has never witnessed it's splendor. so out of all the fun days i had this weekend, this one was truly a gift from God.

    and now, i attempt to freeze - i mean sleep in my igloo - i mean room. and tomorrow is...............THE WHITE STRIPES!!!!!!!! wa HOOOOOOOO! hopefully me and aaron will not get lost. i still must go print my ticket in the lab tomorrow, return some late library books and mail a cell bill. lets all pray that aaron and i dont get lost, and also that the rental comes back with nooooo damage. as much as i wanna keep it instead of gettin my piece of crap back, i cant ding it up. im a lil nervous to drive it to camden, but im gonna be praying like crazy about it the whole way there that we are safe. this show will end them all ;)

    ok for serious, i go seepies now. goodnight moon.

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