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Sarah (artistforjesus) wrote,
@ 2003-11-05 10:49:00
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    Current mood: ecstatic

    im SO excited for this month. this month is THE WHITE STRIPES! HECK YA! i i missed them last time they came around, but thats cause they were in pennslanding, and i have no clue how to get there. i didnt wanna drive to PA alone for the first time, so unfortunately i had to skip it. but not this time! i have driven to camden before, its just been a while, but im confident in the Lord that he will keep me safe.

    i already order my tickets and recieved them forever ago, i just gotta print em out. still havent found someone to go with me, but whatever cause i dont need company to enjoy the BEST BAND EVER! its gonna ROCK and im SO EXCITED!!! i have the best seat too :) i also own all four albums now, and they all are just so friggin great. i just hope i can survive driving to camden alone, its been a while since i have gone to the tweeter center, ill be asking for blessings the whole time fo sho. i recently made a mix cd containing 28 songs all together (gotta love the stripes and their short songs) all from each album, my favorites. im just so psyched i cant wait to go. i just need to get my directions now, and i kinda wish i could do a quick run through of them (driving) but i dunno when i would do that. ill just keep praying and leave REALLY early cause im the COOLEST at gettin lost.

    i REALLY need to see Revolutions, so someone please donate to "the coolest fund" so that i may go. i refuse to miss seeing this in the theatres. now, i dont like spending the ridiculous amount of money on movies in a theatre, however when its the best trilogy ever ya definately need to make some sacrifices. its hard to make sacrifices when your poor i need some kinda of whicked awesome sneaky sneaky plan to get in.....undetected.....or i shall be a cool guy.....

    ryan has an obsession with "the family guy", he even has the box set thingy. he wants me to watch it with him, so i may have to mosey on over there tonight. i have to say that i disagree with some themes they portray on the show sometimes, they tend to take things too far. but over all its a hilarious show. gotta love adult swim. i havent been able to watch Inuyasha (love of my life) lately, so thats depressing. but someday soon....

    anyway its time for a nap. 830s are cruel and should be considered a crime, especially when its cresson, BLAH. so remember kids, anyone who wants to take me on a hot date to feed my matrix addiction, the auction starts today! just like the movie! ya! do i hear a bid?

    Praise God.

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