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Sarah (artistforjesus) wrote,
@ 2003-09-15 23:25:00
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    Current mood: accomplished
    Current music:my own! my own! hahaha

    learn something new
    its true that you learn something new everyday, i have learned a couple things. thing #1) no longer will i lock my bedroom door of my apmt b/c its too risky. thing #2) I CAN PLAY MY FIRST SONG ON THE GUITAR!!! thats right ladies and gentlemen, i SARAH have taught myself how to play my first song on guitar. im learning how to play from this ernie ball beginner's book. ernie ball makes guitar strings, and their book is really helpful. it teaches you everything, even how to hold the pick correctly. very cool and im very excited i have decided to learn a new art form. on saturday i plan to go home for a day and i wanna pick up my keyboard while im there. i have been playing the piano for 15 years, and i hope that i can get as good at the guitar as i am at piano. im not saying im some prodigy at it, but its fun and i think i play well.

    i am also goin home this weekend b/c seth FINALLY contacted me, praise the Lord, and thats the main reason im goin home on saturday cause i am gettin tattooed! i have been waiting since high school to do this, and the time has finally come, i am very excited and also i little nervous. im gettin wings on my back that will start at my shoulders and go to the middle of my back, almost the bottom of my ribs. so yea, for a first tattoo, thats awful huge right? well, trust me. i have thought about what i wanted for 4 years, not to mention the artist is amazing so i am confident it will turn out beautifully. i have always had dreams about flying and have day dreamed about how cool it would be to have wings, so inna way, im gettin them. am i weird you might ask yourself? yes.....yes i am...

    so anyway, thats all that is new for now. i got my transcripts in the mail the other day, so i need to go talk to some lady about gettin my history of art 1 class dropped since i already did it at another school, lets all pray that that works out, shall we?

    today is jessie's bday, so HAPPY BDAY JESSIE G! I LOVE YOU! im working on thinking of a good present for her since i didnt know when her bday was till the day before. hmmm..think think think....

    so yea, learned ,my first song on guitar tonite, gettin tattooed around 2 on saturday...lots of fun! hopefully i will have enough money for whatever i get done! well everyone have a safe night and keep an eye out on that darn ISABEL! Praise God!

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